Coaching Services

Whether you need a complete career overhaul, a confidence-boosting job search plan, a little help with your resume, or something in between - I got you. 


Women Voting

Single 50-minute coaching session designed to answer any career-related questions your heart desires


Guidance provided on a wide range of topics including career transition and planning, career development, personal branding, job promotion strategy, salary negotiation, interview preparation, and professional networking


Professional Woman

Customized personal branding program aimed at crafting and communicating your career story using your resume and LinkedIn profile

Your personal brand sets the stage and tells the story of your professional mission, impact, and future value-add. Whether it's advocating for a prized promotion or preparing for a big job interview, being able to communicate your brand is a career success game changer


This program will help you develop a powerful story with a consistent and memorable message showcasing your professional value


Career with woman using her smartphone o

Comprehensive and customizable career design program aimed at placing you at the center of your career experience

Do you feel like something isn't quite right with your career, but not sure what it is? Do you wish your work life was different, but don't know how to make that happen?


This comprehensive coaching program will help you take back control of your professional life by teaching you the power of aligning your values, interests, skills, and expertise, the importance of identifying and communicating your full professional power, and the effectiveness of creating an actionable plan for sustainable career change.​


Young woman waiting for interview indoor

Tailored job search and networking program positioning  you to take advantage of opportunity when it presents

You're not just "looking for a job." You're taking control of your work life by finding a role that aligns with your expertise, values, and interests

This program will help you develop and execute a focused action plan targeted to landing a role you truly want and deserve