NEWS FLASH: An updated resume isn't going to get you a new job. Do this instead

Yes, I'm saying it: Updating your resume isn't going to get you a new job. I’m serious about this one. Do you need an impactful resume that effectively communicates your accomplishments and professional value? Absolutely. Can most people use the help of a professional who knows what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for? Sure. Does that mean you should have someone else update/rewrite your resume? NOPE.

The two really big problems with this approach:

  1. If someone else writes your resume it will be in their voice and not yours. You won’t have gone through the very necessary (and valuable!) exercise of identifying and internalizing your own achievements and job market value. Good luck explaining your resume details while networking or in an interview if you it doesn’t communicate who you are authentically. It’s not going to end well.

  2. If all you’re going to do with that resume is apply online all willy-nilly for jobs that sorta sound like you are qualified for, what’s the point? You've heard the bleak statistics about online applications, right? Each job posting receives hundreds of applications, a recruiter spends 6-7 seconds screening a resume on the first pass, and by some estimates a mere 20% of all jobs are found using online tactics.


Many career coaches (including me!) have the skills and experience needed to help you update and polish your resume and LinkedIn profile. Go ahead and enlist some help if you need to, but don’t hire someone just to rewrite it on your behalf. This is your professional legacy and future - why would you leave that entirely up to someone else?

Also, please I beg of you, for the love of work - Have. A. Plan. Job searching nowadays is incredibly complex and opaque. Slinging resumes at the wall to see what sticks is not going to get you very far. Take a top down approach and be strategic:

  • Define your marketable skills and strengths

  • dentify your ideal target industries, organizations, and roles

  • Execute a networking (yes, you have to network!) plan to get you in front of the people that hire for your identified roles

Sounds nice, but not necessarily easy? Get in touch to learn how I partner with professionals just like you to craft and tell your professional story in an authentic and compelling way, define your full value in the job market, and identify ways to gain access to opportunities that align with your career goals and that inspire and motivate you.

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