Head Honcho

I made myself Head Honcho of AUDACITY Career Coaching because, why not?!

I partner with and support ambitious and tenacious female professionals on a journey to take control of their work lives, design careers with intention, and achieve their most audacious professional goals.

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My Story

A recruiter by trade, I spent over a decade honing my expertise in talent finding and matching for a variety of professionals within the healthcare, nonprofit, retail, and defense contracting industries. As a laser-focused Career Designer, I coach female professionals to identify their talent and job market value and leverage their unique gifts and expertise to maximize long-term career potential. 


I am a lifelong student of the relationship between people and work culminating in obtaining my master's degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology in 2015. As an avid veteran advocate, I've dedicated several years volunteering to help improve the employment outcomes of transitioning service members to civilian careers. 

When I'm not busy saving the talent world one amazing professional at a time, you can find me serving as a proud dog mom to my rescue Dobies Zane and Deacon Hilmar.